Visual Strategy Communication – A Blueprint of Reality

Visual based thinking is that which results from perceiving or processing visual stimuli, forms, or patterns; or in layman’s terms, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”Visual-based thinking uses visual frameworks to take complex ideas and concepts and articulate them in a powerful way to resonate instantly with potential clients.

Using visuals makes information easier to convey, process, and remember. Communicating visually offers a significant advantage for strategists who do so. It can help a consultant to win clients. According to Simon Bowen, “If you say something, it’s easily ignored, if you show something to somebody it becomes interesting, but if you put structure to that thing that you show to them, it becomes unforgettable; people can’t unsay what they’ve seen.”

Whether in leadership or consultancy, in any kind of business communication of a complex idea, using a powerful visual model with a use of choreography can be effective in achieving the right level of influence on a prospective client.

Adeline Ogunnowo is a management and growth strategist