Your Employees Are Your Greatest Asset

Although we have heard the words “Your employees are your greatest asset” so many times does not make the statement just a cliched statement often used by experts in leadership skills. The statement is a proven fact because the people who work for your company are without a doubt, your greatest asset. Your company cannot achieve its objectives and thrive without the people who are supporting the company’s vision.

Are you showing your employees that you realize and appreciate their worth? Are you creating and fostering a condusive working environment for your employees? Are you fair when it comes to rewarding them or are you one of those companies who use your employees to accumulate wealth for top management and shareholders? Do you make promises to your employees and never follow through? If you’re not satisfying and keeping your employees engaged, you’re making a terrible mistake, because a happy and engaged employee is an invaluable asset to every company.

What do satisfied, engaged and happy employees mean for your company? Here are a few facts about employee engagement and satisfaction.

Research findings by Gallup showed that companies that engaged their employees had profits that were, on average, 21% higher than the companies that did not. Companies who threat their employees as valued assets have lower rate of call offs due to sickness or irrelevant excuses. They also are less likely to go through regular staff turnover saving the company money on recruitment and training as they’re not always in search of new workers because someone’s quit their job again. Employees show up happy and eager to work and go an extre mile in serving company clients, that also means happier customers and more sales. Satisfied and engaged employess have a drive that helps boost productivity, which can result to profitability. 

Companies that invest in their employees’ welfare stands a better chance of growth and success. Where does your company stand in your employee engagement?

Adeline Ogunnowo is a management and growth strategist.

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